Exporting to UiT

Employees of  Tromso University College must soon start thinking about migrating their data in Fronter from hitos to University of Tromso; uit-site.

As it turns out Fronter does not provide an automated process. This may come as a surprise to some, but it shouldn’t. Those of us working with various softwares are used to problems regarding moving data, new links, new embed objects etc.

All is not rotten in the State of Denmark, just something. You can export many of your documents as is, or as html using Fronter-export function. This, however, does not include Hand outs, or matrix-tests, but for a regular, yet advanced user, it will cover most cases. In the video here I will demonstrate one export option.

Of course those who only upload word-documents and powerpoint, can still upload as usuall. Ignorence is a bliss.


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