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Crazy creative with Creaza

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

| Open Player in New Window, gives you the opportunity to create some crazy stuff, like cartoons, video clips, min maps and audio files. But how is that crazy? It’s not. But if you use Fronter, your school can (and University of Tromso has) for a fee get access to creaza combined with Fronter. it’s not perfect, but it’s cool and completes some of the things I miss in Fronter.
In this very short introduction, I will demonstrate how you can start using creaza.

PS: For the time being  you will have access to cartoons for primary school. However creaza is owned by Aschehoug Publishing and if schools for higher education start using creaza, the library can be extended to a higher level.

Looking into Future, Fronter Y

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

This video is a recording of Mr Harald Gjervik’s presentation of new and upcoming improvements in Fronter.

The session was recorded during Fronter User Conference in Norway. As Mr Gjervik points out in the beginning of the video, he is aware of this recording but did not show any objections.

We are excited to see the news Fronter is going to bring to us. Participation in this conference, and other similar ones is mandatory for every teacher interested in digital learning. The conference gathered some 400 teachers and administrators from whole Norway for a period of 3 days gathers on the cruise Oslo-Kiel, hence no way of escaping the conference.

There can be no douth that the major overhall is design. Fronter, beeing born around 1999, has had a desgn problem for years, as it looks like something born from Windows Explorer. The upcoming design and Graphic User Interface, GUI, has been long awaited.

But also several integration goodies, such as Facebook, and extra features like “not delivered” have been missed earlier and we are looking forward to using these features from next year. Although these will be available from January, most schools don’t update until summertime.

Please be aware that the video is around 200 MB, reduced from 800. The “higher” quality will be available to if the wish.


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